How to Make an Espresso with a Coffee Machine

Espresso is one of the worlds most beloved and popular coffees, an espresso is a strong shot of black coffee usually topped with water to create a result that is dark, sensuous and goes straight to your veins. Espressos are big in many continental cultures as being the only way to drink coffee, to make a  great espresso you normally need a great espresso coffee machine. Take a look at these tips to making great espressos every time.

Get a Good Espresso Machine

If you want to make great espressos at home then you will need the help of a good quality espresso coffee machine. A good espresso machine will be easy to use and designed to deliver a high quality filtered shot of coffee. You can find espresso machines to suit any budget so take the time choosing the right one for you.

Find the Bean you Love Best

Explore the world of the coffee bean and find a flavor you love. Espresso beans come from all four corners of the globe so you can choose between sultry Brazilian black, the dark heart of Africa or the energized buzz of Italy.

Grind your Own

Grinding your own beans is recommended as you will get the freshest possible taste. However do not grind down to fine or too coarse as this won’t bring out the best taste in the coffee, instead try and make a powder that is the same consistency as sugar granules.

Purify your Water

As water is the only other ingredient in your cup of coffee you want to try and make sure the water s of the highest quality. This means using purified water that is free of chemicals and making sure you don’t over boil it. Fortunately if you have a good quality coffee machine that will take the job of boiling it to the correct temperature.

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